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The way we work is outdated. It was created for a stable, slow and predictable world that no longer exists. The world has changed dramatically in the past hundred years, but the way we organise work has remained much the same.

Organisations still rely on hierarchies, bureaucracy, top-down command, tight rules and control. That's not just painfully ineffective—it's also outrageously frustrating. Luckily, there is a better way.

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Let’s change the way the world works

The Corporate Rebels Academy is the best place to learn about progressive ways of working. Learn how to make work better by studying the examples of more than one hundred of the world’s most progressive organisations. Apply now.

Building a

Learn from the best

Learn from pioneers in self-management, supportive leadership, remote working, and purpose. No theoretical bullshit, but practical help to change the way you work.


The world's largest whitegoods manufacturer is best known for unleashing a network of 4,000+ microenterprises.

Morning Star

Known for having no bosses, no titles, and no organisational hierarchy. A true pioneer in self-management.


One of the leaders in the work revolution with 15,000 employees, 0 managers and sky-high employee engagement.


A financial services company known for its purpose-driven way of working and a less-is-more management approach.


This transformation company has supported the transformation of 70+ organisations on their way to self-management.

ner group

A group of highly progressive companies. From industries as diverse as manufacturing, law, IT, marketing and education.


A bossless Swedish consultancy firm employing 400 people. At its core is a unique model of highly distributed leadership.


This Mexican IT company is as radical as they come. No managers, no titles, no budgets, no top-down structures.


This Dutch law firm is progressive to the core: distributed ownership, four-day work weeks, and democratic decision-making.

Wildling Shoes

A fully remote company selling sustainable footwear. Widely known for successfully pioneering remote working.

Belgian Ministry

This government organisation has implemented self-organisation, radical freedom and supportive leadership.

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“Can't wait to start the Corporate Rebels Academy, challenge my thinking and see the world through different lenses.”

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